Mrs. Fantano's Superstar Second Grade Class

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Dear Parents,
Happy Friday! More sleet and snow might be on its way! I don't know about you, but I cannot wait for springtime!
Great news! The Chromebooks have been delivered, and they are ready to be assigned to students!
Next week we will be celebrating Dr. Seuss Week! Please refer to the letter on Google Classroom that gives details about it. For example, Monday we will read Green Eggs and Ham and wear green to school.
At the last P.T.A. meeting, the board members mentioned that there was very little response to their membership drive. The P.T.A. sponsors many events for your children. Remember that each child at Hatchery Hill and Willow Grove received a book from the P.T.A. in the December materials bag. Please support the P.T.A by becoming a member. I posted information on Google Classroom about how you can join as well as a fundraiser that is in progress. I was honored as a lifetime member two years ago at Founder's Day much to my surprise and delight.
March's Special Schedule is as follows: Mondays - Music and Steam; Tuesday - P.E. and Technology; Wednesday - Art and Spanish; Thursday - P.E. and Technology; Friday - STEAM and Mindfulness.
The second half of the year is very important, as your child prepares to enter third grade in the fall. June will be here in the blink of an eye, so I ask for your cooperation once again. Please continue to provide a quiet place for your child to work if he/she is a virtual learner. It is very distracting for your child as well as the rest of the class if there is background noise such as from loud music or video games. Laying on a bed is also not really optimal for learning. Neither is chatting with family members who are in the same room, or eating. ***Breakfast or lunch should be eaten before your child logs onto the Meet. ***Please note: If I can see your child talking to you and taking food from you so can the rest of the class.
Please have your child do his/her homework to review skills learned and practiced each day. Virtual learners need to post their homework on Google Classroom so I can correct it and send it back for review.
Friday is the last day of the marking period, and report cards will be able to be viewed online on March 19th. Class participation, teacher observation, homework completion, and test scores are all factored into your child's grade during this marking period.
Here is what the "Star Student of the Week" will look like for your child:
Monday: Your child may begin wearing the crown and "Star Student" bracelet to school.
Tuesday: Your child will share a letter that you write about him/her telling everyone why he/she is so special to you.
Wednesday: Your child will share the poster that was sent home in the plastic bag. It should be unfolded and decorated by your child beforehand.
Thursday: Your child will pick three (3) things that are special to him/her and share them with the class.
Friday: Your child will pick his/her favorite book to be read to the class. ***It can't be a chapter book, as our schedule doesn't allow time for a book that long to be read.
Your child should come prepared with his/her Journal, "Quick Words," Math book (Module 10-12), Reading Practice Book, Volume 1, Math Practice/Homework Book, and the most current plastic bag of materials that was sent home.*** If your child is a hybrid learner, there is no need to have him/her bring other Math books to school.
It is very important for your child to practice addition and subtraction facts. There will be an end of the year assessment on facts, so that's why we use Math Wizards quizzes each week. The quizzes are timed for five minutes. If your child isn't finished with the quiz in that time, please do not send me a picture of it when they do complete it. Virtual learners are on the "honor system." I know that XtraMath isn't loved by the children, but it does serve its purpose. If I assign it for homework, I do expect that every child will do it.
I know that the temptation is great to help your child (or grandchild) by giving him/her answers to questions, but you are not helping her/him. Once we get back into the classroom, you will not be their for extra help. Together we can foster a sense of independence in your children and prepare them for the rigors of third grade.


I am a very firm believer in the partnership between parents and teachers. I appreciate all that you do outside of school to foster that partnership. Don't forget to check out "A Sneak Peak at This Week" to see the skill your child will be learning.


Have a wonderful week! As always, please reach out with any questions.



Julie Fantano :)