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Flex Friday Activities!

(Feel free to refer to my previous project plans on my homepage if there is something there you would like to do!) Remember these projects are optional and meant to be FUN! 
Follow these instructions to build a Whack-A-Virus Game! Please work with an adult when using an x-acto knife and hot glue! Post your completed games here in classroom with a picture or short video and I will feature them in a YouTube Video!
-Mr. L.
Material list:
A Small, Empty Bottle of Purell
Upcycled Cardboard (0.16 in thickness is ideal)
A Toilet Paper Tube
Duct Tape
5 or more Popsicle Sticks (4.5 in x 3/8 in is best)
3 Plastic or Wooden Dowels, 3.5 inches each (could substitute with popsicle sticks, straws, or chopsticks)
Green 1-inch Wide Pom Poms (or yarn so you can make your own)
6 Googly Eyes
~90 Small Red Beads
A small tool handle (I used an X-Acto blade handle but you could substitute with a small screwdriver, popsicle sticks, a toothbrush handle, or another small stick/handle-like object)
(Optional) Washi Tape
(Optional) A Glue Stick or Mounting Adhesive
(Optional) Blue Painters Tape / Masking Tape
(Optional) Colorful Cardstock or construction paper (This tutorial shows the use of cardstock, but you could alternatively leave the box cardboard color or paint it with acrylic paints)
Whack-A-Virus Cardboard Game! CLICK THE LINK FOR INSTRUCTIONS! 👍
No Bake Playdough
Glow in the Dark  Oobleck
Recycled Cardboard Tube Owls
Cardboard Puzzle Game
Easy $5 Lightsabers
I understand that you most likely do not have these materials at home currently, but you can order on amazon, or safely pick them up at Home Depot, and spend less than 10 dollars! I am putting this activity up in honor of May the 4th! Enjoy your work this week! Make sure to send me a picture or video of your completed projects so I can grade them and feature them in an upcoming YouTube video!
Enjoy young Padawans!
I am posting this early in case you want to order the supplies for this Friday. Here is the link for the tubes at Home Depot:
You will also need various colors of Duct tape, mod-podge, craft foam, and a paper towel roll. They can be made without the foam and mod-podge, but they look way cool when you do this step!
Hi guys! Thanks for following along and doing what you can. Let me put this out there again, all of these projects are OPTIONAL! That means on Flex Friday, you can look through your Specials such as Mindfulness, Library, etc... and find a project that suits you! I recognize that in order to make things, sometimes you need tools and materials that you may not have. If I post a project that you REALLY want to do, please gather or purchase the materials whenever you can! You can do all the projects, or NONE of the projects, whenever you want! If there is a material that I have listed that you can't get, try improvising with something else. There are many ways to make something, and I look forward to seeing you you make your projects unique!
Anyway, I am posting as many cool projects as I can find, things that are relatively easy to do with common materials. I have had so many FANTASTIC responses! I am working on the second video which will showcase student work. I am SO impressed with what you have made so far. You make me so proud. I want, more than anything, for you all to be MAKERS! I want you to be people who problem solve, and make things to solve problems, and for fun! That is why I have been posting videos of me making stuff! I want you to see how I make what I need, and make because it is FUN and it makes me feel so great!
Remember, no stress. Enjoy the projects, and have FUN! It looks like I will also be hosting google hangouts, so I can answer questions then, model techniques, and maybe even make something with you.
One small request, please stop writing to tell me you don't have materials. Like I said, do what you can, and if you can't get materials, or the project isn't for you, no problem! No need to tell me.
Talk to you all soon, miss you!
-Mr. L.
Projects below:
Baking Soda Rockets
Trebuchet from a business card
Learn to tie 4 basic knots (bowline, clove hitch, square knot, and bowline with stopper knot)
Moon phase wall art
4 types of bird feeder
Reminder, all Flex Friday assignments are optional.
As we close in on Memorial day, please enjoy one of these projects to create patriotic projects in honor of our fallen heroes.
Start with these two short videos about the history of Memorial Day:
1. The first is an American Flag mosaic from newspaper or magazines. This can be done on any medium, meaning you do not need a canvas like the one in the instructable. You can use any paper and glue on appropriately colored pieces of paper to create your flag.
2. Hot Dog Solar Cooker!
Use a Pringles can, bamboo skewers, and some cling wrap to make a solar oven!
Hot Dog Cooker / Solar Oven
3. Stained Glass Patriotic Jell-O!
Make Red, Blue, and white Jell-O to help celebrate Memorial Day!
Stained Glass Jello
4. Patriotic Jar Candle
Place this in your window at night to show others your support for our fallen heroes!
4th of July Craft for Kids
Hi all! I am so proud of the work you have completed. Do you love making things like I do? I have even been learning from some of you who are creating some AMAZING projects with so much science behind them! Just wait until I can feature them in the next video!
So, keep it up! I am going to include a bunch of projects here that are based on scientific principals. I hope to see you take on some of them and explore the science behind them. Keep up the great work kids, I am incredibly proud!
Projects available:
1. Static Electricity Super Powers
2. Homemade Kazoo
3. Water clock
4. Paper-Mache Hearts
5. Folder Kaleidoscope
6. Rainbow in a Bottle
7. Exploring Ice
Static Electricity or Superhero Mind Control
EZ Water Bottle Clock
Paper Mache Hearts
Folder Kaleidoscope
Rainbow in a Bottle
Exploring Ice
Make this cool Father's Day shirt and tie card! All you need is printer paper, a sharpie, and some colored pencils or crayons!
Here are a couple projects to do with your Dad or really anyone in your life!
Stick Bombs! Check out the how-to for how to make them! You just need Popsicle sticks!
Check out this cool video by Ben Linehan! He is the one who first showed this to me! I also added another video showing a more complex "cobra weave"!
Last is a simple battery powered toy motor. I hope you enjoy!
Hey guys,
This will be your last Flex Friday Assignment for this school year. I'll post some new projects here, but I would ask that throughout your summer, if you have the itch to make something, come back to the previous assignments here that you haven't completed and do one! I would also ask that you use your imaginations! Grab a small notebook and keep it with you. Make the notebook unique and your own. Write a list of things you would like to make, and if you really like an idea, sketch it out! Draw what it may look like, how it might go together and work, what materials would you make it out of, what will it do, what is the purpose? Share your projects with me over the summer! I will do the same.
Have a great summer guys, and 4th graders, I am extremely sad that I will not get a chance to send you off to 5th grade with any awards, or advice. I want you all to know, you can contact me anytime, and when circumstances allow, visit me after school and we can sit and talk, or make something together. Good luck in all you do, continue to have a passion to make something new and exciting, and be MAKERS. I am very proud of you, and am always here for you.
I have included some how-to videos about how to create and make an idea sketchbook. I would love all of you to start one! Keep it with you every day if you can, and keep track of your ideas. There are NO BAD IDEAS! I keep one with me, and use it to sketch up and figure out every project I do.
The projects I am including are fun, some are a bit of a repeat from past projects, but slightly different. Anyway, I hope you really enjoy your summer, make your own projects, and keep an idea journal, I promise you won't regret it.
The projects are:
Floating Tricks You Should See
Flower Dissection
Magnetic Slime
Dish Soap Water Surface Tension Experiment
Robotic Straw Hand
Floating Tricks You Should See!
Oobleck: the Dr. Seuss Science Experiment
Flower Dissection!
Magnetic Slime
How Dish Soap Works - Water Surface Tension Experiment
Robotic Hand Science Project