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Flex Friday Activity 2 & 3

This activity was created by the Great Kindness Challenge:  Kids for Peace.  This is a fun way to write down the things that you miss the most during this school closure.  Write your thoughts and place them in a jar.   You may  use a recycled jar and even decorate it.  
My Wish Poem


Directions:  Take some time to think about your future.  What do you hope to achieve?   What do you want, dream, or wish for yourself and for others?  One way to think about this is to determine your aspirations.  See the definition of aspirations below.

Definition of Aspirations:  What you hope to achieve.   Your desire, dream, or wish for yourself or others.

I wish _______________________________

I wish for my family _______________________________

I wish for my friends _______________________________

I wish for myself _______________________________

I wish for my school _______________________________

I wish for my world _______________________________

I wish ________________________________

This exercise in building self-awareness was adapted from “I Wish Poem” by the New Jersey State Bar Foundation.