PTA Membership & Fundraiser

To Hackettstown Staff, Parents, and Community:

The PTA needs your support now more than ever!  We know things don't look and feel the same way they use to, but we want you to know that behind the scenes, the Hackettstown PTA continues to advocate for the best interest of children, families, and staff at the district level. In the past year, we have made tremendous progress strengthening relationships with our building Principals, Superintendent Mr. Mango, District office Directors, and Board of Education with ongoing monthly meetings where we have the opportunity to be a voice for children, staff, and families. From this, our PTA family grew when we were asked that our efforts extend to the High School because High School teachers and children need support too!  

The National PTA and NJPTA are doing the same from a federal and legislative level.  In fact, they are doing even more during the pandemic to address health, safety, and our students' and families' welfare. They are continuing to ensure that all children are experiencing an excellent education. 

Membership dues are critical to allow our voice in government to influence and create change for the good of all. Membership dues don't stop there; they support school events like Teacher Appreciation, 4th and 8th-grade celebrations, assemblies, and more! All things we are hopeful will continue in our future! 

Our goal is to achieve 200 PTA members by Friday March 5th

Help us achieve our goal by participating in our Winter Membership Drive!!

All paid memberships by March 5th will be entered into 1 of the 2 following raffles:

Raffle #1: $50 ShopRite gift card to 1 lucky family 

Raffle #2:  $50 ShopRite gift card to 1 lucky faculty member

If we surpass our goal of 200 members, we will then have an additional raffle that all members will automatically be entered in:

Raffle #3:   $100 ShopRite gift card 

Please visit to become a member for this school year.

Follow us for up-to-date meetings, activities, and happenings on: