School Nurse

Name: Robin Gibbon R.N.,B.S.N.,M.S.
Email Address: [email protected]
Phone Number: (908) 852-2805 ext. 229
Hello ! My name is Robin Gibbon R.N., and I am the School Nurse. I have been a school nurse for 23+ years, and I love caring for your children in school. I also enjoy every opportunity to teach your children about health topics, especially those that teach children how to stay healthy and make good choices. As we all know, good habits that we incorporate into our lives at young ages, are more likely to stay with us as we get older, and they become part of our routine. I invite all parents to learn about programs here at school , as well as get the latest on health issues, reminders, announcements and notices pertaining to our school, and requests for parent participation. If we all work together, our children will benefit in so many ways ! Have a happy and healthy school year !