Parent Information


  • Please do not send your child to school not feeling well and tell them to go to the nurse "if it gets worse" or "so the nurse will send you home as an excused absence".  This has the potential to spread illness to others in the school. 
  • REALTIME: Update your REALTIME parent portal annually AND every time there is a change to phone numbers or authorized pick up persons. 
  • ILLNESS: If your child develops any illness or contagious condition, please notify me so I can take the proper steps to maintain the health of the other children in the class.
  • FEVERS: School guidelines state a child must be fever free (less that 100 degrees F) for at least 24 hours WITHOUT the use of fever reducing medication (i.e Tylenol/Motrin) before they can return to school. It is important to follow this guideline to keep everyone safe and healthy.
  • DOCTOR'S NOTES: A doctor visit and note is required for any absence 3 days or longer. A doctor's note is also required to return to school, if your child is suspected of having a contagious condition. Emailing notes to the school nurse is preferred. Please take a picture or upload the note then email to the nurse at [email protected]
  • MEDICATION: Any Medication to be administered at school MUST be accompanied by BOTH a physician order sheet AND parent consent paper. This applies to over the counter medications as well as prescription. All medication must be in the original container/box with the pharmacy label intact. Please ensure the medication is not expired. Per district policy/procedure and to ensure the safety of all students, a parent/guardian must drop off the medication. Students are not allowed to transport medication in their backpacks. Please note- a parent must pick up medications by the last day of school for the year. Any medication not picked up by the last day with be properly discarded. 
  • SNEAKERS: The safest footwear in schools is sneaker! Most days the students either have PE or recess and are running around.
  • BREAKFAST: Be sure your child has breakfast each morning - Studies show that children who eat breakfast are more attentive, learn more, do better, and have more interest in school when they eat a healthy breakfast.
  • WATER: Please send a water bottle with your student each day. Often times the nurse sees many headaches in the school and are frequently from students not drinking enough water
I am here to support you and your student!
If you have any questions please call or email me!