Guidance Classes


Guidance classes are an integral part of the character education program in Willow Grove School. Guidance classes are conducted by the elementary school counselor for grades 2-4. The classes are 45 minutes in length. The classes are developmental and proactive, focusing on character education, conflict resolution, harassment and bullying and internet safety. Career education has been added into the grade 3 and 4 guidance lessons.  Guidance
classes begin in September and end at the end of February.
In Grade 4, students will explore the following topics:

1. Student Workshop: Building Blocks of Good Character
2. Student Workshop: We Can All Get Along (Solving Conflicts)
3. We're In, You're Out: Looking at Cliques
4. Internet Safety
Fourth graders will also study specific career clusters during the last segment of guidance classes.

In Grade 3, students will explore the following topics:
1. What's a Bully?
2. I Was Just Kidding! Learning About Harassment
3. When You See Bullying Happen: What a Bystander Can Do
4. How I Learned Not to be Bullied.
5. Safety Smart Online!
In addition, the last segment of guidance classes will deal with career exploration. 
In Grade 2, students will explore the following topics: 

Doing the Right Thing: Building Character
Part 1: Tell the Truth
Part 2: Be Responsible
Part 3: Be Considerate
Part 4: Stand Up For a Friend

We Can Work It Out! Conflict Resolution
Section 1: Ask Questions and Listen
Section 2: Use Your Words
Section 3: Try Different Ideas

"How Would You Feel?" Learning About Empathy
Part 1: Be a Good Friend
Part 2: Be Positive
Part 3: Feel Good About Yourself
Part 4: Tell How You Feel